I am currently a post-doctoral research associate at KU Leuven. I have completed my Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. dr. Tias Guns. My research falls at the confluence of machine learning (ML) and combinatorial optimization problem (COP).

In my PhD, I have studied Decision-focused learning. In decision-focused learning, ML prediction is followed by COP for decision-making. The goal is to train the ML model, very often a neural network model, directly considering the error after the COP. The primary challenge in the implementation decision-focused learning is how to embed the COP into the ML training loop. To address this challenge, I have developed a differentiable optimizer, which enables passing the gradient through the COP for training the ML model. I am also interested in scalable decision-focused learning, so that it can be applied in real-life COPs, which are often NP-hard and time-consuming to solve.

Conference Articles

  • Jayanta Mandi, Victor Bucarey Lopez, Maxime Mulamba and Tias Guns. Decision-Focused Learning: Through the Lens of Learning to Rank. ICML, 2022, International Conference on Machine Learning, 2022 [paper] [Code] [Presentation] [Poster]

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Journal Articles

  • Rocsildes Canoy, Víctor Bucarey, Jayanta Mandi, Maxime Mulamba, Yves Molenbruch and Tias Guns. Probability estimation and structured output prediction for learning preferences in last mile delivery. Computers & Industrial Engineering (2024). [paper]

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  • Manisha Chakrabarty and Jayanta Mandi. Entropy-Based Consumption Diversity—The Case of India. Opportunities and Challenges in Development, Springer, Singapore, 2019. [paper]

Article in Research Newsletter

  • Ashok Banerjee, Jayanta Mandi and Deepnarayan Mukherjee. Developing a comprehensive earnings management score (EMS). [article]

Coverage in Popular Press

  • Ideas for India. Jayanta Mandi, Manisha Chakrabarty and Subhankar Mukherjee. "How to ease Covid-19 lockdown? Forward guidance using a multi-dimensional vulnerability index". [article]

  • Business Standrd. Ashok Banerjee, Jayanta Mandi and Deep N Mukherjee. "Earnings management in stressed firms". [article]